OFFPITCH invites the Valley’s coolest and most respected leaders to make complete fools of themselves onstage, embrace the spirit of the Wild, Wild West, and mouth the words to your favorite party songs.

But there’s a catch — those performing must bring their A-Game. To do so, you have to promote the hell out of your OFFPITCH squad! Only eight teams will be selected for this honor, so it’s safe to say that the competition is steep. The following is a list of tips and tricks designed to make sure you and your team have the greatest chance of participating!

  • Sell yourself! Create videos and fun teasers, then share them with your followers to get people excited about how awesome you are! Don’t forget to link back to your team’s voting site!
  • Go wild. This event is the opposite of an office meeting. The more fun our followers know you’re having, the more likely they will be to vote, and the more likely you will be to win!
  • The competition is steep, so scope it out by viewing these videos from contenders from years past:



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Last year’s winner #MacEsau brought his @brunomars #uptownfunk #colipsync @cohootsphx @greatheartsacademies

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  • This is a lip sync championship, after all, so add some fun of your own! The more creative you are, the more voters will see you and say: “Damn, what an incredible looking team! Look at those costumes, look at those graphics. They look like the real deal, I want to see them perform at the Crescent Ballroom.” Trust us, your cool factor is dependent on your originality factor!
  • BE BRAVE! We already know how awesome you are, so show the world! Have a blast!
  • Join us at the Crescent Ballroom on September 6, and may the best Lip Syncers win!