We understand that there are tons of amazing causes worth your time and money this giving season, and we are always extra grateful when you decide to donate or volunteer with us at CO+HOOTS Foundation. Because of this, we wanted to do something we’ve never done before. We want to make a public statement about where all your money goes when you decide to donate to our organization. 

CO+HOOTS Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to building a better future for Arizona and its economy. We provide programming that ensures all entrepreneurs have equitable access to the resources and opportunities necessary to succeed in our business community.

Currently, the face of Arizona entrepreneurship fails to mirror Arizona itself. We’ve seen amazing innovations in our community by entrepreneurs coming from all walks of life. From Drew Shaw of Voyce Threads to the Avila sisters of TomCen Cafe to our very own Jenny Poon, Arizona continues to experience first-hand how founders with diverse backgrounds create unique solutions to pressing challenges while simultaneously driving economic development in our community. 

While more youth, women, and people of color are engaging in entrepreneurship than ever before, these groups are still the least likely to start, scale, or succeed in an entrepreneurial venture. We at CO+HOOTS Foundation are committed to providing programs for these individuals that build skills, knowledge, and coalitions that ensure all our community ChangeMakers have equal opportunity to succeed. By empowering all entrepreneurs for success, we drive Arizona to fulfill its economic and social potential. 

Anecee Gonzalez, HOOT Squad member and Youth ChangMaker Summit graduate, credits YCMS with her love for public speaking. She works on the facilitation team for YCMS, presenting content to new students. Right now, Gonzalez lives in Laveen with her mom and grandparents but commutes daily to Phoenix College. When she graduates, Gonzalez plans to open a flower shop or a mechanics shop. 

Sam Gomez, Executive Director for Sagrado Galleria, South Phoenix’s first art gallery, is working on opening a coworking space and coffee shop within the gallery as a workforce development catalyst for South Phoenix. Sam has participated in our adult programming and consults with Foundation. Next year, Gomez will be launching his crowdfunding campaign.

Angelie Meehan, CLIMB graduate, shares that CLIMB is the only reason she has come as far as she has with her business. Meehan is preparing currently to launch her first venture, Leading Lady Lifestyle, an empowering online course that will nurture confidence in young women, in 2020. She’s excited to move forward this year.

We can’t do this work alone. We need your support to ensure Arizona is both financially and socially successful tomorrow, we ask that you help us by investing in a more equitable entrepreneurial community today.

When you donate a recurring $25 a month to CO+HOOTS Foundation, you support an Arizona ChangeMaker like Sam or Angelie through a year of classes. Or when you make a one-time donation of $100, you provide a high schooler like Anecee the opportunity to recognize her potential at a 3-day Youth ChangeMaker Summit. This holiday season, please help us to make a difference and consider giving the gift of entrepreneurship to another ChangeMaker in our community. Pledge to make recurring donations in 2020, and help us ensure that Arizona and our local economy continue to succeed.  

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