Board of Directors 

Want to be at the forefront of a national movement to create gender and racial equity in our innovation ecosystem? Join our working national board and exercise your skills for a greater cause.

Our board members are deeply rooted and passionate about creating a more equitable ecosystem. We are volunteers who love to read, digest, analyze and activate around DEI initiatives. Is this you? Help us create a force multiplier for change.

If nominated and elected to CO+HOOTS Foundation’s Board of Directors, you agree to:


  • Participate in 75% or more of board meetings
  • Actively raise awareness to our mission and our work
  • Dedicate at least 8-10 hours a month to supporting our mission
  • Comply with CO+HOOTS Foundation’s bylaws and policies
  • Contribute financially to the organization to further our mission



Are you a natural connector and driven around DEI initiatives? Join our organization as a Community Advisor. You’ll be invited to attend our community meetings, be an important voice around our work and get the scoop on what new resources we’re releasing. Support our mission from where ever you are and help build a future that is welcoming to us all.

Community Advisor commit to:

  • Optional meetings
  • Actively raise awareness to our mission and our work 
  • Help share and contribute to equity tips, stories or support a committee
  • Lead and engage on our Equity Now community platform
  • Help review grants applications on as needed basis (2021)
  • Contribute financially (what you can) to the organization to further our mission