MidWeek MindTweak

MidWeek MindTweak: a lunchtime learning series that supports the success of your Arizona entrepreneurial community!


Well, aside from the clever name, MidWeek MindTweak is a series of workshops designed to build your expertise, catapult the success of your business, and ensure all Arizona entrepreneurs have equitable access to this knowledge. Topics range from digital marketing strategy to budgeting to connecting with your community. 

During each month-long series, we invite experts from all walks of life to share their experiences, spark inclusive conversations, and circulate the abundance of knowledge within our Arizona entrepreneurial community.


You should lead a MidWeek MindTweak because you’ve been there. Because you wish someone would have taught you these things.  Because you recognize the importance of continuous growth. Because you know how powerful knowledge can be. Because you believe in the community. 

Our Arizona entrepreneurial community is globally recognized because of incredible ChangeMakers like you! You should lead a MWMT session to ensure our community continues to thrive by sharing your knowledge with your fellow Arizona entrepreneurs.